Training RulesTraining Rules - A Woman Vision Film

A Woman Vision Film by Dee Mosbacher Produced & Directed by Dee Mosbacher and Fawn YackerProduced & Directed by Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker


  • Frameline33 Award
  • Pink Peach Award
  • Birmingham Shout Award
  • Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival Award
  • Accolade Award


November 2011: Sports Scandal Returns to Penn State! Find out more.

Training Rules examines how women's collegiate sports, caught in a web of homophobic practices, collude in the destruction of the lives and dreams of many of its most talented athletes.

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Read an article by filmmaker Dee Mosbacher at the Huffington Post: No Drinking, No Drugs, No Lesbians: How Homophobia Still Rules in Sports.

“Running time is less than an hour, but the feature easily packs more punch than movies running three times that length. . . . Easily a piece that could be used in any high school classroom demonstrating the importance of acceptance and tolerance when it comes to sexuality in sports, this gem is worth seeking out.”
—Jim Titi, NBC Philadelphia – read more reviews

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