Training RulesTraining Rules - A Woman Vision Film

A Woman Vision Film by Dee Mosbacher Produced & Directed by Dee Mosbacher and Fawn YackerProduced & Directed by Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker


  • Frameline33 Award
  • Pink Peach Award
  • Birmingham Shout Award
  • Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival Award
  • Accolade Award



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In November 2011, a sports scandal returns to Penn State:


ESPN — PSU again deficient in leadership

You already have heard and will continue to hear a lot about the dismal situation at Penn State. It's spotlighting an apparent breakdown in responsibility and leadership at all levels in regard to alleged crimes of child sex abuse by former football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. . . .

For those who follow women's college basketball, though, it brings up memories of how the school's administration handled the long tenure of coach Rene Portland and the lawsuit that essentially ended her career. Read full article.

Advocate — Did Paterno Also Cover Up PSU Basketball's Homophobia?

While the scandal at Penn State involves allegations that assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children, the situation also reflects the homophobia that exited under PSU women's basketball coach Rene Portland's 27-year tenure, says a documentary filmmaker. Read full article.

ESPN-W — Sandusky case just latest of Penn State's failings

There are times when breathless moralizing reveals more about the people doing the moralizing than about the people at whom they're pointing their accusatory fingers. At the moment, a former Penn State coach comes to mind. But it's not Jerry Sandusky, the longtime football defensive coordinator now charged with 40 counts of child sexual abuse. . . .

Rene Portland was the women's basketball coach at Penn State for 27 years, from 1980 to 2007, and during her tenure she defined winning on the court, guiding the Lady Lions to 21 NCAA tournaments, a Final Four and more than 600 victories. She also earned two national coach of the year awards.

But Portland cemented her legacy off the court, with her unbending efforts to expel lesbians, or anyone who associated with them, from her team. Read full article.

Outsports — Joe Paterno had his hands in the Rene Portland scandal, too

Joe Paterno describes the current "tragedy" at Penn State as " of the great sorrows of my life." He should add to that list the devastating harm he did in protecting women's basketball coach Rene Portland while she blatantly discriminated against the women on her team who she presumed were lesbian. Read full article.

SF Gate —Penn State coaches' history of behaving badly

. . . It was the women's basketball coach, Rene Portland, who kept her job for 27 years despite a well-established hostility to lesbian players. Joe Paterno, then serving as both football coach and athletic director, hired Portland in 1980 and said on more than one occasion that he considered her the best coach he had brought to the school. Read full article.

Huffington Post Business — Penn State Scandal: Financial Fallout From Sex Scandal Could Be Huge

In the span of less than a week, Penn State lost a legendary football coach and a university president. And that's before taking into the account the money. Read full article.


NBC Philadelphia — Philly Film Fest: “Training Rules”

Homophobia is the topic explored in the compelling and devastating documentary Training Rules. The film is Dee Mosbacher's up close analyzation of Penn State's women's basketball team. Running time is less than an hour, but the feature easily packs more punch than movies running three times that length. . . . Easily a piece that could be used in any high school classroom demonstrating the importance of acceptance and tolerance when it comes to sexuality in sports, this gem is worth seeking out. Read full article.


Filmmaker Dee Mosbacher honored with the Barbara Gittings Award

The Philadelphia Cinema Alliance has granted Dee Mosbacher the Barbara Gittings Award. This award honors Dee's commitment to social justice, tolerance, acceptance and transformation through her body of documentary films, her work at Woman Vision, and her mission to educate and impact change. The award will be presented at the 2009 Philadelphia QFest.

This is the first time that the festival is bestowing in honor of the late LGBT rights pioneer and Philadelphia resident Barbara Gittings, an award in her name. Ms. Gittings was the editor of the first lesbian journal, she helped organize the annual gay rights demonstrations in front of Independence Hall and she lobbied the American Library Association to include LGBT literature in libraries.

Frameline33 AT&T Audience Award for Best Documentary

Directors Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker won the Frameline33 AT&T Audience Award for Best Documentary for their film TRAINING RULES, which chronicles Penn State women's basketball coach Rene Portland's homophobic coaching philosophy that wrecked the lives and dreams of many talented young players.

Pink Peach Jury Selection Award at the Atlanta Film Festival

Training Rules awarded the Pink Peach Jury Selection Award. The Pink Peach section celebrates films with gay and lesbian content. A special jury will award the Pink Peach Award presented by Turner at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Audience Award at Birmingham Shout Festival

Training Rules won the Birmingham SHOUT Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Best Documentary at Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival

Training Rules won Best Documentary at the 10th Annual Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival (Colorado Springs).

Accolade Award of Merit

Training Rules was awarded Accolade's "Award of Merit" for 2010.

In the News

The New York Times / The Bay Citizen — Moving Gay Films Into the Mainstream

The Women's Basketball Coaches Association declined to screen "Training Rules," a groundbreaking documentary about a homophobic college basketball coach, at a coaches' conference in San Antonio during the women's Final Four tournament in April. But Kathy Wolfe was not deterred. . . . Read full article.

The New York Times — Openly Gay College Coach Makes a Low-Profile Role Model

Training Rules mentioned in this article about an openly gay Oregon State softball coach. Read full article.

CU Independent — Homophobia in sports

Students, athletes and faculty filed into the UMC for a film screening of "Training Rules," a documentary that addresses homophobia in women's athletics. Read full article.

Lisa Dettmer (KPFA Women's Magazine) Interviews Fawn Yacker

Audio, 15 minutes.

Minneapolis StarTribune — In film, victims find voice at last

A documentary at the Walker tells a story all too familiar to lesbian athletes who have been harassed. Read full article.

Huffington Post — No Drinking, No Drugs, No Lesbians: How Homophobia Still Rules in Sports

Filmmaker Dee Mosbacher writes about the making of the film and homophobia in sports. Read full article.

CNN Newsroom Reports — “Black Eye for Women's Basketball”

CNN's Kara Finnstrom reports on Training Rules and the subject of homophobia and women's basketball, featuring clips from the documentary and an interview with filmmaker Dee Mosbacher. Watch the video segment.

Lavender Magazine — Walker's Queer Takes Goes Bold: Lesbians in Sports Is Major Theme

Training Rules examines Pennsylvania State Lady Lions Head Basketball Coach Rene Portland, who had three rules: No drinking. No drugs. No lesbians. Two superlative documentarians, Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker, codirected the film. Read full article.

San Francisco Bay Guardian — Our short, opinionated takes on several featured Frameline flicks

Training Rules included on the Guardian's short list.

Oregonian — 'QDoc' film fest offers must-see features

Training Rules included on the Oregonian's must-see list for films during the QDoc film festival. Read full article.

Willamette Week — QDoc: It's raining 'mentaries. (Hallelujah.)

So, let me get this straight: You run a college women's basketball program, and you want to ban lesbians? This seems like an ill-conceived strategy, but it was the policy of Rene Portland . . . Read full article.

Portland Mercury — Q Is for Community: QDoc Aims to Inspire and Unite

Training Rules (Saturday, May 30) exposes homophobia and discrimination in women's collegiate athletics, shining a light on a disturbing trend many viewers—even those who consider themselves well versed in the struggle for LGBT rights—might never have known existed. Read full article.

Just Out — Getting Reel: QDoc 2009

Training Rules . . . is an unsettling but must-see story of the enormous damage one person driven by "religious" convictions can affect upon young minds. Read full article.

Women's Hoops Blog — Update: “Training Rules” could travel to Seattle

The film could play at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in October, according to program director Jason Plourde. The festival is slatted to run Oct. 16-25. Read full blog post.

Pat Griffin's LGBT Sport Blog — Training Rules: A Powerful Examination of the “No Lesbian” Era of Penn State Women's Basketball

Dee and Fawn have created a riveting story line weaving interviews, action shots and information into a compelling narrative that shocked the few audience members who did not know about this regrettable era in Penn State Athletics. Read full blog post.

Centre Daily Times — 'Training Rules' dissects alleged athlete discrimination

Training Rules, a documentary about alleged discrimination between former Penn State woman's basketball coach Rene Portland and former athletes, will be have its world premiere April 4 at the Philadelphia Film Festival. — Film looks at Rene Portland's homophobia

A documentary that looks at the homophobic athmosphere in Penn State women's basketball during the 27-year tenure of Coach Rene Portland will be screened this Saturday in Philadelphia. Read full article.

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